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Admission Consulting


Perfect Placement offers a range of services to assist families with the admission process for PreK-12th grade. With the perspective of a former Admission Director, we aim to empower families to make confident decisions regarding their child's academic path and help students shine during the admission process.


Full Service Admission Package


Our Full Service Admission Package provides comprehensive guidance throughout the entire admission process. Included in this package:

  • Initial phone conference

  • Pre-application admission consultation meeting

  • Individualized potential schools list

  • Calendar of events with campus visit opportunities tailored to your targeted schools

  • Personalized game plan for the admission season

  • Online reviews of drafts for parent and student essays

  • Preparation for parent interviews and school visits/group observations

  • Interview preparation for 5th-12th grade applicants

  • Post-testing feedback

  • Post-admission decision conferences as needed

  • Unlimited meetings, phone, and email/text conferences throughout the admission process. We serve as your dedicated resource to address all your questions, worries, and concerns during this stressful process.


For local families, our pricing structure is as follows:

- $2750 for one Preschool-4th Grade Applicant

- $1375 for each additional Preschool-4th Grade Applicant

- $3000 for one 5th-12th Grade Applicant

- $1500 for each additional 5th-12th Grade Applicant

Relocation Package 

For families relocating to the Dallas Area, our Relocation Package offers additional support. In addition to all the elements of the Full Service Package, it includes:

  • Heightened communication for relocating families

  • Coordination with private school admission offices to identify possible off-season school openings

  • Assistance in arranging in-town visits as needed. 


The pricing for the Relocation Package is as follows:

- $4500 for one Applicant of any grade

- $1000 for each additional Preschool-4th Grade Applicant

- $2000 for each additional 5th-12th Grade Applicant

Admission Consultation

We also offer Admission Consultation services to help families begin the admission process confidently. Through an in-person or online meeting, we provide:

  • Answers to your questions about school options and the admission process, ensuring you enter the process fully informed. 

  • Should you require additional assistance, such as application support, interview skills, visit day guidance, or post-decision conferences, these services are available on an à la carte basis.


The pricing for Admission Consultation is $1000.

À La Carte Consulting Services


Our À La Carte Consulting Services allow us to tailor our offerings to your specific needs. These services include:

  • Student Interview Prep/Visit Day Prep

    • $300 for initial session

    • $175 per additional session

  • Online Reviews of Application Essays

    • $300 for the first parent application

    • $100 for each additional parent application

    • $300 for the first student application 

    • $100 for each additional student application. 


For any additional services you may require, specific to your family's needs, please contact us for further assistance.


At Perfect Placement, we are dedicated to helping you navigate the admission process smoothly. We understand its complexities and strive to provide the guidance and support you need.

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